With a huge assortment and over 3000 inflatables in stock, JB is the supplier of inflatables in Europe and the world. Whether you are looking for a large multifunctional inflatable or a small bounce house, an obstacle course or a water inflatable, immediately deliverable or fully customized: with us you will succeed!

A small bounce house or a giant modular obstacle course ?

JB boasts huge assortment of entertainment inflatable and more than 3000 items stock. Different types, sizes and themes: we have anything you can think of. Are you looking for small, medium-size or giant bounce house? Or are you after a giant modular obstacle course? We will happily hepl choosing an inflatable to fit your type of business.


JB-inflatables always has a bounce house for you

Buying a bouncy castle for rent or for your company's promotion is always a great idea. Would you like to start your a bounce house rental company as soon and buy one or more bouncy castle(s)? Then browse through our 3000 items stock, the products are delivered worldwide. Learning about possibilities to have a bounce house or an inflatable attraction in your company colors and style? We are ready turn your ideas into a commercial bounce house.


Buy the best themed bouncy castle at JB

Enchanting unicorns and amusing dinos, magical princess and cool fire department - JB has bounce houses in every theme you could wish for. At JB you can buy the most beautiful unique designed bounce houses. Looking for a one of a kind bounce house to impress your customers? Then go for a completely customized inflatable. Your ideas and our experience will help creating an inflatable which will really stand out.


Extra fun with combo bounce houses

Bounce house always equals sucess, but add a slide, a disco ball or a ball cannon, and get your bounce house to the next level. By our experience - the crazier the better, more extras means more fun.Looking for a multifunctional bounce house? Check our Multiplays, Airmountains, Play & Fun products and Shooting fun products.


Buy and rent a bounce house directly!

Have a plan to buy one or more bounce house to rent out? That is always a great idea. However choosing the right commercial bounce house can be a complicated task.JB team is happy to help you tackle this task. we research your local market, analize your case and advice on which model woudl be the most profitable for your company. No matter which budget you have and for which bounce house you are looking; together we will make sure to make the best choice for you.